What are the insurance options?

Our vehicles have full comprehensive cover. The excess payable in the event of any damage and regardless of who is at fault, depends on the level of cover taken and the type of vehicle hired.
We have two options whereby you can reduce your excess or waive it all together (Collision Damage Waiver “CDW”).
Please contact the office to find out more information.

Is there anything NOT covered, when paying CDW?

Yes, the following are not covered even when you pay CDW:
1. Any off-road damage;
2. Any underbody or overbody damage (ie offroad, driving over a median strip, driving under a low tree, not allowing enough clearance when entering a carpark, for example);
3. Any driver other than those nominated on the Agreement;
4. Any accident not reported to the Police within the required time limit;
5. Any accident where the driver is charged by Police with an alcohol / drug offence.

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If I don't pay CDW, what do I pay in the event of an accident?

You pay the relevant excess, depending on the level of cover chosen and depending on the type of vehicle you have hired. It is payable to Sunset Rent A Car straight away.

What if I don't pay CDW and have an accident but it isn't my fault?

You are still required to pay the excess to Sunset Rent A Car, and if and when you are deemed NOT AT FAULT by WA Police and Sunset Rent A Car has recovered the cost of damages from the at-fault party, the excess will be refunded to you.

I don't want to pay CDW because my private / travel insurance covers car hire.

That’s fine, but in the event of an accident, the excess applicable to your hire is still payable directly to us. You then claim that back from your insurance company separately.
We charge a $100 administration fee for processing any damage or accident claims.

Do I have to pay for petrol or is it included in my hire?

All our vehicles have a full tank of fuel at the start of the hire. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure the tank is full upon return. If not, we may charge a fee to re-fuel it on your behalf.

Where can I drive my hire car?

The area of use for all of our hire cars is within 500 km of the Perth CBD. Anything outside that vicinity, incurs a one-off ‘remote area’ fee.
Please be aware that our vehicles cannot go further south than Esperance or further north than Exmouth. See map for area of use for our WA hirers.

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Is there a Bond payable?

Yes, the amount of bond payable depends on the length of hire and the type of vehicle. They start at $500. Bonds are taken by way of pre-authorisation whereby the relevant amount is put ‘on hold’ in your account. Your bank then releases those funds after a certain period – please contact your bank to find out their terms for pre-authorisation.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and AMEX (3% surcharge applies to AMEX) credit cards. We can accept cash by prior arrangement.

Can I pay with a debit card?

You can, but a bond is payable if you do, again by way of pre-authorsation.

What if I don't have my driver's licence on me?

We can’t hire to you. In order to hire a vehicle, you must hold a valid driver’s licence and bring this in to the office with you.

Can someone else hire on my behalf?

No – if they hire, then they become the ‘hirer’ and only they can drive the vehicle. If you don’t have a valid driver’s licence then it is illegal for you to drive a vehicle.
On all rentals, the name of the person hiring the vehicle must be the same as the person paying for the rental.

I am on holidays, what are the drivers licence requirements in order to hire a car?

Your drivers licence must be in English. If it is not, you must hold a valid International Drivers Permit.
It is the Law that these requirements are met, in case you are stopped by a Police Officer.

Do you charge for an additional driver?

No. However additional drivers do need a valid drivers licence which we will need to sight and keep a copy on file with the signed Rental Agreement.

Do you have any 'smoking' vehicles?

No. Our entire fleet is smoke-free. A minimum fee of $50 is payable if the smell of cigarettes is detected.

Can I hire if I am under the age of 25?

We don’t hire to anyone aged 18-20. We do hire to persons aged 20 – 24 with a surcharge of $20 per day payable.
For persons under the age of 25, we do not offer the option to reduce excess.

Do your rates include unlimited kilometres?

No. Our rates are for city use only and include 100 free kilometres per day. Any excess kilometres are charged at 28 cents per km.
Our unlimited kilometre rates are an additional $10 per day. Please speak to our representative when booking if you are not sure whether or not the allowance will be enough for your trip.

What if I realise I need the car longer, can I extend?

Yes you can, but please provide our office with as much notice as possible. You will need to come into the office and sign the extension paperwork and make payment for the extra hire period.
Please note that during peak periods, extensions may not be possible due to heavy bookings but we will do all we can to accommodate your needs.

What if I realise I don't need the car as long, can I return it early?

Yes you can. You will receive a maximum refund of 50% of the unused portion of the hire, provided that one day’s notice is given.
Anything under a day’s notice will forfeit refund.

Can I pick up and drop the car off to the Airport?

Yes but please note that all Airport hires require a minimum three-day booking.
We offer a free meet and greet service within the metro area. There is a fee payable for us to collect the car at the end of your hire, which is calculated depending on the vicinity from our office.
There is a flat fee of $62 to drop the car at the airport.

Do you offer hourly rates?

Not for our cars. Our rates are based on a 24-hour period. If you take your car at 12.00 pm for a two-day rental, then it is due back at 12.00 pm two days later.
We do provide a grace period in case of traffic or hold ups however, if the car is 3 hours late, then an extra day is charged to your credit card straight away.

Do you offer Corporate Rates?

Yes we do. Please speak to the Manager in order to obtain our Corporate rates.

What do you need in order to set up a Corporate Account with Sunset?

You will need to speak to our Manager, who will forward the necessary forms to be completed.

Who needs to sign the paperwork when a business is hiring but there will be other nominated drivers?

The person/s driving the vehicle will need to sign the paperwork. If it is a Corporate hire and the company is paying for the hire by credit card or account, then a representative from the company will also need to sign. This can be done via email.

Do you have maps in the cars?

Yes, all our cars come with current street directories. We also have GPS units available for hire.

What if I get a speeding fine while the hire car is in my possession?

We re-assign the fine to you, as per the details on your drivers licence. A administration fee is charged to your credit/debit card for processing of the fine.